Week 24 – June 17, 2021


Jun 3, 2021
See Ball FloraPlant Highlights In The Gardens At Ball

Mark your calendars: We're hosting guests in The Gardens at Ball at the end of July for our Ball Seed Customer Days (July 28-30). We can't wait to welcome you back!

To build more excitement to seeing plants live, we'll showcase what's NEW from our breeding teams over the next few weeks. (Scroll to the end for more details on how to register for the three-day event.)

We'll start things off with Ball FloraPlant.

New from Ball FloraPlant are some of the most exciting launches for 2022. The Ball FloraPlant team has been hard at work enhancing mixes with Bees Knees Petunia and introducing Lantana Shamrock and Coleus Spitfire. Each of Ball FloraPlant’s new varieties will make an excellent addition to your program, and will look amazing in homeowners' garden beds or hanging baskets.

Bees Knees Petunia is the best yellow petunia on the market. This flower brings the most intense yellow coloring along with the best performance. Bees Knees Petunia is truly living up to its name with vibrant blooms that last all season long. For 2022 we'll be using it in fabulous MixMasters combos and showing other ways to use it in combos.

Lantana Shamrock is a new series and launches with four different color varieties: White, Peach, Rose and Orange Flame. This is a great plant for containers and baskets, and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Add this to your retailers' pollinator collections!

Ball FloraPlant’s new micro coleus, Spitfire provides stunning colors and patterns to any landscape - sun and shade locations! No other micro coleus on the market brings such vibrant pink and lime green pops of color. Consumers will enjoy this in small spaces, too, like urban balconies or patios.

These three exciting additions will transform any landscape with very little maintenance. The bright yellow pigment of Bees Knees Petunia, the attractiveness of Lantana Shamrock and the stunning colors of Coleus Spitfire are best enjoyed in person at our Ball Seed Customer Days, July 28-30.

Reserve your tour today! Visit our event website  www.ballseed.com/customerdays to register for a date and time online. Have a question? Please call us at 800-879-BALL or email fieldtrial@ballhort.com. We hope to see you this summer in The Gardens at Ball!

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