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Week 30 – July 25, 2021
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Jul 13, 2021
Introducing More Jurassic Begonias

Ball Ingenuity is thrilled to introduce four new additions to its Jurassic collection of Rex Begonias, meeting the needs of customers in four different sizes. The Jurassic lineup for 2021 now includes (from largest to smallest) the Jurassic Megalo, Jurassic, Jurassic Jr., and the Jurassic Dino. The additions to the series create excellent foliage options of all sizes and variations for indoor and outdoor shade use.

Jurassic Megalo is filled with mega color and texture for large containers, while the Jurassic Jr. provides the same vigor as Jurassic classic series with smaller leaves for durability and shipability. The new Jurassic Dino series really stands out as a much smaller Jurassic Rex Begonia, perfect for indoor decor in small, intimate spaces and outdoor on patio tabletops.


Jurassic Megalo Reptile

Jurassic Jr. Arctic Twist

Jurassic Dino Greenie

Jurassic Heartbeat

Growers can expect very healthy and easy-to-propagate material, with much quicker growth and very little maintenance. As foliage is gaining more popularity with consumers, the new additions to Jurassic Begonias is sure to offer something for everyone; each has been selected for excellent vigor, filling small and multiple-sized containers. These Jurassic series are set to finish faster than most other Rex Begonias currently on the market.

Come see these new additions in-person! They're best viewed at our Ball Seed Customer Days, July 28-30. Reserve your visit today! Visit to register for a date and time online.

Have a question? Please call us at 800 879-BALL or email We hope to see you this Summer in The Gardens at Ball!

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