Order These Top Perennials Now for 2024 Spring Sales

Jaime Kedrowski - Marketing Manager
Monday, February 12, 2024

There's still time to book and grow perennials for June sales. Take a look at the following recommendations that will fit right into your current spring program. Each is first-year-flowering AND popular with consumers for their fantastic texture, garden durability, and easy low-maintenance. They're also pleasing to pollinators!

Three photo panel of perennials - coneflower, tickseed, coral bells


To learn more about the perennial market and why it's in high demand, check out the video below. This "Trending Now" interview from GrowerTalks magazine features Kieft Seed and Darwin Perennials product representative Chris Fifo, who shares his favorites PLUS tips on how you can take advantage of perennial popularity.



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Screenshot of the First Year Flowering Tool

Want a little extra help with scheduling your perennials? It's easy with the First-Year-Flowering Scheduling Tool, a collaborative and interactive planner brought to you by the experts behind Darwin Perennials and Kieft Seed. Choose from dozens of crops, enter the week you want your plants in-flower, and the tool gives you the week to plant-stick-sow-transplant. Try it out now at www.FirstYearFloweringTool.com.

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