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Week 43 – October 26, 2021

Benchcard Options

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Latinia<sup>®</sup> Success Light Pink Eye CyclamenSuccess Light Pink Eye
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Bright Red CyclamenBright Red
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Deep Magenta CyclamenDeep Magenta
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Deep Rose CyclamenDeep Rose
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Light Pink Eye CyclamenLight Pink Eye
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Lilac CyclamenLilac
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Lilac CyclamenLilac
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Purple CyclamenPurple
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Rose CyclamenRose
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Rose Eye CyclamenRose Eye
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Rose Purple Eye CyclamenRose Purple Eye
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Salmon CyclamenSalmon
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Scarlet Red CyclamenScarlet Red
Latinia<sup>®</sup> White CyclamenWhite
Latinia<sup>®</sup> White Eye CyclamenWhite Eye
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Wine Red CyclamenWine Red
Latinia<sup>®</sup> Wine Red CyclamenWine Red