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Week 22 – May 29, 2024

Ball Seed Exclusives

Exclusively Yours

Satisfy your customers and maximize your profits with these exceptional plants and programs available exclusively through Ball Seed.

Ball FloraPlant  Visit Ball FloraPlant

Ball FloraPlant

A leading breeder of vegetatively propagated plant varieties, Ball FloraPlant has won critical acclaim for its genetics and reliable supply of disease-free certified cuttings.

Ball Ingenuity  Visit Ball Ingenuity

Ball Ingenuity

Ball Seed sources and promotes first-to-market and high-demand plants from independent suppliers around the world through Ball Ingenuity. The plants are then distributed exclusively through Ball companies.

Burpee  Visit Burpee


The Burpee name is licensed from W. Atlee Burpee Co., the first name in home gardening. This retail plant brand offers superior vegetable and flower genetics to meet consumer demand for exceptional plants. 

Garden Mums  Browse Garden Mums

Ball Mums

Through years of extensive trialing across North America, Ball Seed offers the finest garden mums in the industry with excellent keeping quality. They’re high-quality products so you can grow with confidence.

Visit Cut Flowers  Visit Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

Ball Seed Cut Flowers is powered by Ball ColorLink – a team of customer service professionals focused on collaboration. They connect you with supply from our partners to offer you solutions and build programs that bring success to your business.