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Week 9 – February 26, 2024
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Aug 20, 2021
New Website For Kitchen Minis

Ball Seed is looking forward to supplying your business with a new way to extend your selling season with vegetables. Have you checked out the Kitchen Minis collection yet? We have seed and inputs ready in WebTrack to make this program available to you!

Kitchen Minis tabletop vegetables from PanAmerican Seed has received lots of consumer interest and excitement from retailers since its debut. The program has even won industry awards in its first year!

To build on this enthusiasm, the marketing team at PanAmerican Seed has built FREE sell-thru marketing tools, such as print-on-demand POP and signage, ready-to-post social media downloads, shareable videos, and NOW, to provide further consumer awareness, and help greenhouse and retail customers sell the brand, PanAmerican Seed has launched a shopper-friendly website

This mobile-optimized site lets consumers browse the full assortment of Kitchen Minis tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers, and inspires them to harvest fresh food in a whole new way – indoors on a sunny windowsill or outside on a patio tabletop.

According to PanAmerican Seed Marketing Manager Claire Josephson, “This year’s launch of the Kitchen Minis collection has been met with such positivity; it is reinvigorating the vegetables category with something unique. It’s also engaging millions of new plant buyers entering our market and satisfying the desire of existing veggie gardeners to have a taste of homegrown produce outside the main vegetable-growing season."

With the launch of the new consumer-facing website, PanAmerican Seed is creating a friendly online space to excite shoppers who are interested in enjoying homegrown vegetables in a non-traditional way and helping your business with sell-thru.

The website includes

  • Plant and fruit details to help shoppers make a buying decision
  • A “Where To Buy” page to help them find product (retailers can contact PanAmerican Seed to have their store added to the list of locations selling Kitchen Minis)
  • An area for recipes inspires visitors on how to use their harvested vegetables.


Click here to learn more about Kitchen Minis, and be sure to visit today.

For seed availability and other questions, please contact your Ball Seed sales representative or Ball ColorLink.

Reader Comments (2)
I have been trying to figure out where to buy these. I live in the North Texas area (North of Dallas). I see that some of the seed websites have some of the seeds but not all of them. If you are advertising the product it would nice to be able to purchase them. I am looking for the different pepper and tomato seeds or even the plants but would prefer the seeds.

Friday, February 18, 2022 | Nikki
Hi Nikki
Thank you for your interest in Kitchen Minis. If you are a home gardener, the website has a "Where To Buy" section that should help you find the mail-order catalogs offering the tomato and pepper seeds. Kitchen Minis potted plants will also begin to show up in stores this spring.
Friday, February 18, 2022 | Ball Seed Team
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