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Week 9 – March 01, 2024
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Nov 3, 2021
Jurassic Rex Begonias Receive 2021 UGA Classic City Award

Exciting news for Ball Ingenuity! The Rex Begonia Jurassic™ collection has recently been named a “Classic City Award” winner from the University of Georgia. Winners are chosen by their outstanding performance in UGA’s Southeastern regional trials. Ratings are based on flower and foliage color, uniformity, vigor, and overall resistance to the elements.

Impressive in both the landscape and a woodland garden display, the Jurassic Silver Swirl, Jurassic Jr.™ Red Splash and Jurassic Megalo™ Reptile Rex Begonias also performed incredibly well overflowing in hanging baskets. The judges found this series to be “fun and easy to care for, with minimal irrigation needed.”

With colorful foliage gaining more attention, make sure these beauties are on your next booking list. Learn more about the Rex Begonia Jurassic series and new additions at the Ball Ingenuity website.

Photos courtesy of University of Georgia Trials

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