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Week 9 – February 26, 2024
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Jun 15, 2022
Burpee Spices Things Up For 2023

Do you need something to spice up the garden center next spring? Look no further! Burpee brings the best garden-ready plants to create a flavorful garden that’s uniquely yours. With a fresh, inviting look, the assortment is filled with vegetable plants that will excite today's foodie home gardener.

The dedicated Burpee team is launching several new products for 2023. Be sure to stop by the Burpee patio during Ball Seed Customer Days to talk to our experts and get in on the program. The Burpee retail vegetable program gives growers everything they need to succeed. Learn more at

Need something with a kick? We can't say enough about Pepper Aleppo, a hot pepper native to Syria and Turkey. This fruit is mainly used dried or crushed for adding slightly smoky, salty, sweet, and warming spice to your Mediterranean dishes; they are delicious!


Check out the Peppers from Heaven. These peppers are a collection of three snack-pepper varieties (Red, Yellow, and Orange) that grow and look amazing in a hanging basket. The bright colors look too good not to eat. Think of all of the possibilities for small-space gardens or even mixed ornamental containers for the patio!

Another thing that sets Burpee apart from its competitors is the quality of its products. Our Ball Seed vegetable seed guru Jayson Force is always on the lookout for seed quality and improvements. Seminis delivers for 2023 with upgrades to several of its key tomato offerings. Watch for Better Boy Plus, Big Beef Plus, Celebrity Plus, Early Girl Plus, and Lemon Boy Plus. They have added disease resistance packages and overall better performance for you and the end consumer.

See them all at Ball Seed Customer Days, July 28 & 29 this summer. RSVP today! Visit to register online. Have a question? Please call us at 800-879-BALL or email We hope to see you this summer in The Gardens at Ball.





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