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Week 9 – February 26, 2024
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Apr 27, 2023
Growing Recommendations for MixMasters Combos

MixMasters™ from Ball FloraPlant gives you options for building a successful mixed combo program.

Yellow and striped Petunia flower mixed combination in a pot

Choose your MixMasters multi-stick liner, which is three liners rooted together for one unit. A multiliner contains three single-stick cuttings that grow together into one healthy multiliner to produce a perfectly balanced combo. They offer 100% complete “recipes” with nothing missing and produce more predictable, programmable mixes.

Order your multi-stick liner, which comes with all the components already fused together ready to go for easy transplanting. It’s pretreated, pre-pinched and PGR’ed for a good start and a strong finish while reducing labor cost. MixMasters culture tips include a PGR spray 2-3 weeks after transplant, and a PGR drench when it reaches three-quarters its size to help hold them as they come into flower.

Mixed combination of flowers in a pot

For maximum show power, upgrade a MixMasters combo by adding a “thriller” element! It’s simple-to-do and takes your patio containers to another level. Thrillers like grasses, gaura, and geranium can add that special something that shoppers will love and will allow you to sell for a higher price point.

Trialed and Tested

Did you know each MixMasters combo is trialed and tested for eye-catching appeal at retail and success for the gardener? Guidelines for MixMasters selections include: regionality, seasonality, timing, vigor and longevity. MixMasters are rigorously tested combinations sold as an unrooted cutting kit and meant to be rooted together as multi-stick liners* in the same week. These recipes are perfectly balanced from start to finish. Each is trialed for national performance, even flower timing and similar vigor. *Single stick, multi-species liners. US7,891,134; US8,136,294; US8,220,201

Place your orders through Ball Seed today! Contact your Ball Seed sales rep or Ball ColorLink associate at 800 879-BALL.

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