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Week 26 – June 23, 2024
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Jul 24, 2023
Let’s See the Magic Happen with PanAmerican Seed
Madison Umphrey  Ball Intern 2023

July 27 and 28 are the days we have all been waiting for ... Ball Seed Customer Days! Included in this annual experience are the raised beds and wood pergola filled with colorful products from PanAmerican Seed. And they're ready to impress guests! Global Marketing Manager for PanAmerican Seed, Sarah Makiejus, Grounds Supervisor, Sam Schmitz, and Product Development Manager, Marcus Jansen, have been working diligently to make their design vision a reality.

“It truly is magic in The Gardens during Customer Days. I feel like I work at Disney World,” Makiejus said about the blossomed look in the Gardens. There are several landscape displays that PanAmerican Seed has put together that all have a distinct theme to them. Let’s get into what that will look like this year!

Icon Landscape Bed
The Icon Landscape is the first bed that you will see when walking into the PanAmerican Seed section in The Gardens.

“I’m excited about this bed because it showcases our new PanAmerican Seed icon that we introduced this past year,” Makiejus said.

Caliburst Cool
Next, the Caliburst Petchoa bed will drive home that cool summer vibe. It is a mix of other sun-loving plants that look great with the award-winning petchoa.

“The branded surfboard that will be placed in this bed will be an excellent photo op and perfect for selfies,” Makiejus said.

Wave Petunias
Of course, PanAmerican Seed has to incorporate its Wave landscape bed with a vast array of color!

“This landscape bed has a rainbow of brightness,” Makiejus said.

Sweet Talk Cuphea
If you are looking for pollinator-friendly plants, the Pollinator’s Paradise bed is just for you!

“We have everything you can think of with PanAmerican Seed that is pollinator friendly. It will really bring in those butterflies, bees and more,” Makiejus said.

Keys to your Success
Yep, that is the Solarscape bed of interspecific impatiens!

“When you look at this bed from above, it looks like keys! Sam did such a great job making this happen,” Makiejus said.

Red and White Delight
This landscape bed is a gorgeous swirl of that red and white color.

“It’s breathtaking with white gaura and red begonias. That swirl look is really impressive to see,” Makiejus said.

These landscape beds are just some of what you will find in the PanAmerican Seed section of The Gardens during Customer Days.

“We really try to have a story and a theme for each bed, while making sure that we are highlighting our new varieties,” Makiejus said.

Take a Closer Look at New Varieties
Petchoa Caliburst Yellow:
With the cross of Petunias' heat tolerance and Calibrachoa’s color options  how can you go wrong? The new Petchoa Caliburst is a vibrant yellow color that works wonders in most weather conditions.

Impatiens Beacon Lipstick: Adding to the Beacon series is the new lipstick color, which is that bright pink look. Beacon Impatiens work well in packs, pots, hanging baskets and in-ground beds and it has high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew.

Cuphea Sweet Talk: The new Sweet Talk Cuphea series has three different color options including Deep Pink, Lavender Splash and Red. Being a heat tolerant and pollinator-friendly annual plant, it is perfect for the spring and summer months!

Time to Shine!
Makiejus said she is excited to see everyone’s reaction to the PanAmerican Seed area. "It's game time for us this summer!"

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email today with the information below. See them all at Ball Seed Customer Days, July 27 & 28. RSVP today! Visit to register online. Have a question? Please call us at 800-879-BALL or email We hope to see you this summer in The Gardens at Ball.

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