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Week 26 – June 23, 2024
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Nov 14, 2023
2024 Poinsettias Catalog from Selecta One®
Jaime Kedrowski  Marketing Manager

Poinsettia season is here. Soon it’ll be time to order next year’s plants, and the 2024 Poinsettia Catalog from Selecta One has arrived for your convenience.

Red poinsettia in a pot on top of a counter with a hexagon tile background

This 50-page resource detailing a wide selection of high-quality Poinsettias also includes an expansive list of North American trial locations to ensure the best recommendations for every region.

Now for 2024, Selecta One introduces three new Poinsettia varieties:

Christmas Chorus features an upright, vigorous growing habit with saturated red color and excellent post-harvest performance.

Christmas Song is a strongly branched variety that displays a deep red, non-fading color and provides superior, consistent and reliable performance for producers, retailers and consumers.

Peach Glow showcases the most unique novelty color right now, featuring low-vigor and 7.5-week timing making it ideal for Fall décor programs.

Various poinsetta blooms in red and coral

Get expert advice throughout the catalog with tips from Technical Support Manager Gary Vollmer. Other useful resources available are a comprehensive culture guide to help growers achieve a perfect finish every time, as well regional mapping tools for each variety to assist with selection. Also for poinsettia-growing customers, check out our Ball Seed Tech Team resources for the current production/shipping season and visit

Contact your Ball Seed sales rep for more details or to request a printed copy. Or you can view the 2024 Selecta One Poinsettias Catalog online now (as a PDF).

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