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Week 25 – June 20, 2024
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Nov 30, 2023
Spring Vegetable Plugs: Order Now (VIDEO)

Think Spring. Time to order Spring Vegetable Plugs to be sure you have the supply you need. To help you get started, we talked to Retail Business Manager for Burpee Tiffany Heater, and Jayson Force, resident vegetable expert and Sr. Business Manager – Seed and Product Manager for Burpee Home Gardens, and asked them a few questions about what customers need to know when ordering Spring Vegetable Plugs.

Ripe red tomatoes in a basket

What are your recommendations for the upcoming growing season for Spring Vegetables?

TH: New for 2024, I am excited about Tomato Love Gourmandia Red. This new oxheart tomato is great tasting and looks beautiful sliced on a plate. I am also excited about the new Buckskin Pumpkin. It is the perfect pumpkin for baking!

Buff-colored pumpkin cut in half with orange interior

JF: For the upcoming growing season, try Tomato Unicorn, which is a crack-resistant red cherry variety; Pepper Turnpike, which is a sweet block pepper with a strong disease-resistance package; and Lettuce Slot Machine, which is an Iceberg with good adaptability to many regions.

Bright red cherry tomatoes on the vine Block-shaped green peppers on a cutting board


Do you see any veggie trends?

TH: While tomatoes continue to maintain as a top edible in most gardens, hot peppers and herbs are also on the rise. Gardening in small spaces also continues to grow, you don’t need a big garden to get a big harvest with varieties like the new Tomato BrightStar, which is perfectly happy growing in a container.

Red-ripened tomato sliced on a cutting board


JF: Container gardening is remaining strong with veggie-and-flower mixed containers gaining in popularity. Other notable trends include the increase of hanging basket vegetables, as well as hot peppers, and colored sweet bell peppers, such as Peppers from Heaven.

Outdoor mixed container with a tall cherry tomato plant next to purple, red and yellow flowers

Outdoor mixed container with bright pink flowers and green herbs and vegetables


What are your favorite picks overall?

TH: Favorite pics for 2024: Along with Tomato Love Gourmandia Red and Pumpkin Buckskin, I also love Tomato Sun Dipper – definitely a kid-friendly and party-friendly variety. It’s also great for dipping into hummus or ranch dressing!

JF: My favorite tomatoes include Buffalosun, Pink Delicious, and Early Girl Plus. (It’s hard to pick just one!)


Other helpful tips when deciding and ordering vegetables for spring?

TH: When you are ordering your veggie plugs don’t forget to order everything else you need to grow them. You have veggies on the brain now, so now is the time to also book your tags and your POP!

JF: Best to order early, and always good to try something new and find your new favorite variety.


For more information on any of these varieties, or to find out availability, login to WebTrack or contact your Ball Seed sales rep or Ball ColorLink associate at 800 879-BALL for assistance.


Burpee in The Gardens at Ball 2023

Watch the video below featuring Burpee Home Gardens product representative Tiffany Heater as she introduces a few new vegetable varieties to explore for your 2024 sales.

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