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Week 26 – June 23, 2024
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Dec 6, 2023
New Annuals for 2024

Introducing the newest varieties in Annuals for 2024. Wondering what varieties will perform the best in your region? We’re here for you. We talked to Ball Seed Marketing Manager Jaime Kedrowski and the Regional Managing Team, asking them for their recommendations for an outstanding growing season. Check them out now!

From Marketing Manager Jaime Kedrowski, she shares her top picks for NEW Annuals for 2024.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new, you just might find it’s a new favorite.”

1. Cannova® Rose Dark Bud Canna: Ball Seed Exclusive

2. Coral Candy Coleus: PanAmerican Seed

3. Beacon® Impatiens Pearl Island Mixture: PanAmerican Seed

4. PassionFruit Lantana: Ball FloraPlant

5. Archangel™ Ruby Sangria Angelonia: Ball FloraPlant

6. Brightside™ Orange Glow Erysimum: Selecta One

7. Talavera Moondust Coleus: Syngenta Flowers

8. SunPatiens® Compact Red Candy Impatiens: Sakata

9. Sedum Rock ‘N Grow Midnight Velvet: Proven Winners


Northeast Region

John Steinlage, Regional Business Manager for Northeast and Great Lakes, recommends Beacon Impatiens. He says, “I am excited about the Beacon Impatiens! The innovation and work that went into breeding back a class that was highly impacted by Impatiens Downy Mildew. It’s a great item for the shade and landscape and will continue to grow in years to come as PanAmerican Seed introduces more colors and mixes.”

Midwest Region

Tom Seery, Regional Business Manager for the Midwest, recommends the latest lantana. He says, “PassionFruit Lantana. I like this plant because it is a pollinator and is drought resistant. The color is striking, habit is unique and garden performance is unparalleled.”

Pacific Northwest Region

Jose Sanchez, Regional Business Manager for the Pacific Northwest, is also a fan of Passion Fruit. “The Lantana PassionFruit is a great new item for our region. It is very versatile for us, as it can be utilized in the landscape, baskets and containers. There is an extended season in some parts of our region. And it is still blooming in my garden. The color and habit are very unique,” he says.


Nancy Boekestyn, Canadian Business Manager, admitted that although she couldn’t just pick one plant for the entire country, she did have a top recommendation of her own. She says, “The climbing Mandevilla has been a personal favorite for decades. The flower power, height, heat tolerance and tropical vibes make it a winner on my patio every year.”

Interested in the latest 2024 has to offer? Find out all the information on these new varieties and availability now by contacting your favorite Ball Seed Sales rep or Ball ColorLink associate at 800 879-BALL, or login to WebTrack and place your order today!

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