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Week 22 – May 30, 2024
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Dec 28, 2023
Pro Tips on Hybrid Potted Lilies

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to Hybrid Potted Lilies is key. This is keen advice from our resident expert Dave Dowling. Read below for more expert tips and recommendations.


1. What advice do you have for customers about Hybrid Potted Lilies?

Plan ahead and choose the varieties that work for the desired selling period. Plant in deep pots, especially the Oriental varieties.


2. When should customers order?

At least six months before they want to plant the bulbs. Usually in the fall for planting in the spring.


3. And why?

Fall is the best time to get the varieties they want. The popular varieties often sell out. Supply is always limited.


4. Where are the bulbs from?

Almost all lily bulbs come from Holland.


5. What are your recommended picks for specific varieties?

  •      For Potted Asiatic, the Joy series has over 20 varieties and colors. My recommendation would be to grow the yellow, pinks, and reds for Spring/Easter/Mother’s Day. And then grow the yellow, orange, and red for late summer/fall sales.
  •       For Potted Oriental, the Romance series or Farolito are the best.
  •       Easter Lilies are a whole different crop and recommended for larger, experienced growers only. If they get ready late, no one wants them.


For more information and to browse our select varieties, check out the most recent Flower Bulb Catalog for Pot Lilies.

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