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Week 25 – June 20, 2024
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Feb 6, 2024
Horticultural Lighting Workshop at Michigan State University

Michigan State University recently hosted a Horticultural Lighting Workshop sponsored by Ball Seed and Philips/Signify Lighting. The workshop provided greenhouse growers with education on supplemental lighting in indoor controlled environments, including methods to increase Daily Light Integral (DLI).

Ball Seed Research Manager, Nathan Jahnke, a member of our in-house technical support team, was a featured speaker during the event. He spoke about “Indoor lighting of tissue culture propagules.” In addition to his presentation, other industry experts shared some of the latest research into LED lighting for greenhouse and CEA crops.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to tour horticultural lighting research projects and facilities at MSU, which included:

  1. Indoor lighting of leafy greens and culinary herbs
  2. Supplemental lighting of high-wire vegetable crops
  3. Photoperiodic lighting of cut flowers and tropical foliage plants
  4. Low-intensity lighting for downy mildew prevention
  5. Rooting of cuttings under LEDs
  6. Environmental strategies to enhance strawberry flavor

Find out more about our Tech Team, and browse our resources, like Timely Tech Tips and Tech On Demand Videos, at the Ball Seed Tech Support page. Want more information, or have a question? Contact us at 800 879-BALL, or send us an email here.

Leafy greens in a controlled environment sit under purple LED lighting

A conference room full of tabletops school-room style looking at an a/v presentation at the front of the room.

A speaker demonstrates indoor ag growing lighting setups to a group of visitors.

Nathan Jahnke is on the right and an MSU presenter is on the left. They're pointing at pack growth trials.

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