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Week 22 – May 30, 2024
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Feb 23, 2024
Cyclamen: Order Now

Time to get your Cyclamen orders ready! In the meantime, here’s some helpful advice for greenhouse growers when planning your cyclamen crop.

Rows of red, pink, and white cyclamen in a greenhouse

These tips have been provided by Joan Vergès, Technical Adviser from Morel Cyclamen.

What’s the best temperature for the flowering period?

The flowering phase takes place when temperatures are cool. For high-quality cyclamen, it is preferable to have cool temperatures during flowering. (around 59 degrees F).

What can I expect for flower size?

You can find Cyclamen in three sizes:

  • Mini (2.5 to 5 in./6 to 12 cm)
  • Intermediate (4 to 6 in./10 to 12 cm)
  • Standard (4 to 8.5 in./10 to 22 cm)


What is the appropriate pot size?

It is best to take notes of the varieties that meet your desired flower size and that correspond to your expected average daily temperature at the flowering stage. Average light levels and temps do affect the most suitable pot size for growing a variety.

What is the date of sowing/potting?

Count backwards from the desired flowering date for the chosen variety. This will give you the sowing week and the potting week. For example, for Smartiz® in 10.5cm pots for a flowering time of September 15:

If you are sowing the seed, plan 27-28 weeks for growing. Then sow in Week 10 and the plants will flower in Week 37 on September 15. If you are potting, start with a 15-20mm root ball. After potting, it will take 15-16 weeks of growing. Potting will start Week 21 for flowering in Week 37 on September 15.

What’s New in Cyclamen

Ball Seed offers a variety of high-quality Cyclamen from Morel, Syngenta, and Schoneveld. New varieties available for 2025 include:

NEW SERIES: Abanico® Select Metis (Deep Magenta, Light Purple, Rose, Scarlet Salmon, Mix)

NEW SERIES: Eco (Purple, Salmon, Scarlet, White, Mix)

Metis Light Rose

Petit Moulin

NEW SERIES: SeeWhy (Deep Rose, Pink, Purple, Purple Flame, Scarlet, Shine Wine, White, Wine Flame, Mix)

Indiaka® Midi Red

Halios® Red Allegro

For the latest availability, log into WebTrack or call 800 879-BALL to speak to a customer service expert today.

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