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Week 29 – July 15, 2024
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Mar 14, 2024
Cut Flower Plugs for Summer/Fall: Order Now

If you haven’t already gotten your orders in for Cut Flower Plugs for Summer/Fall, then you better hurry. Here, we have expert advice on this topic from Dave Dowling, Cut Flower Specialist for Ball ColorLink.

Various flower blooms in a collage

What advice do you have for growers when ordering these cut flower plugs?

Order plugs early, so you have time to grow them. Don’t forget that most perennial plugs planted in late summer or early fall will produce full size plants next season.

Does it depend on timing? Or regionality?

Yes. Check to make sure the plant is good for your zone. No matter where you’re located, plugs should be planted about six weeks before the first fall frost date, so they have time to root in and get established.

Could you provide any tips and tricks for growing?

Water them! Don’t let them suffer from lack of water. Succession plant celosia and snapdragons until 10 weeks before your first frost.

Any recommendations on specific varieties? Which ones are your personal favorites?

I really like the true Biennial Sweet William like Tall Double/Duplex Mix, and Electron Mix. Rudbeckia Indian Summer and Prairie Sun are also favorites.

For more of Dave Dowling’s recommendations, check out this extensive list of Summer and Fall Planted Cut Flower Plugs.

Find the latest availability by visiting WebTrack or call 800 879-BALL to speak to a customer service expert today.

If you'd like to hear more from Dave, we invite you to watch the following video for his professional tips for growers on Increasing Cut Flower Production and Income. Enjoy!

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